Latest Humble Bundle offers up 11 games from Cartoon Network

Humble Bundle is at it again with yet another great mobile bundle. This time, the purveyor of cheap games for a good cause has teamed up with Cartoon Network to offer up 11 titles for your Android device.

Of course, more games will be added as the sale goes on, but here's what you can pick up now:

Pay What you Want:

  • Regular Show: Best Park in the Universe
  • Regular Show: Ghost Toasters
  • Regular Show: Ride 'Em Rigby
  • Adventure Time: Treasure Fetch

Pay more than the average ($5.15 as of this writing):

  • Regular Show: The Great Prank War
  • Adventure Time: Jumping Finn Turbo
  • CN Superstar Soccer
  • Ski Safari: Adventure Time

Pay $8 or more:

  • Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake
  • Adventure Time: Time Tangle
  • The Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville

Even if you shell out $8 on the high-end, this deal is a pretty darn good one. Whether for your kids, or just to indulge your inner-child, you can head to the source link below to pick up this bundle. As a bonus, you'll also be supporting your choice of Khan Academy or the Child's Play Charity in the process.

Source: Humble Bundle; Via: Android Police

Dan Thorp-Lancaster