Klaxo, the totally not haunted radio, is my new favorite game

We're in the middle of a truly delightful resurgence in the art of interactive "radio" storytelling. Podcasts like Welcome to Night Vale and Within the Wires capture the senses every couple of weeks with a new spoken word adventure the likes of which many thought gone forever. Bringing these experiences from the old radio format to the modern digital format is largely trivial at this point, but the tools you have in digital formats means you can also make the experience interactive.

At GDC 2019, I stumbled across a small radio sitting in the middle of a faux parlor, and for the next 45 minutes I was completely consumed by the adventure which unfolded before me.

Klaxo is a Totally Not Haunted (wink) radio with a story to tell. As you are given clues to the mystery, you turn the knob on the front to make choices. This adventure is suppose to conclude with you solving the mystery, but according to the creators, if you explore a little you'll find some hidden darkness lurking in the radio itself, which is a lot of fun to do.

But this is just one radio, and it's only here at GDC, which is why the creators are working hard on a fully digital version of the mystery. You can check out an early beta of the experience on their website now, or wait for the Android and iOS apps to become available. In talking with the creators, once the apps are optimized for accessibility — so everyone can enjoy the experience — they'll be released for our enjoyment.

My advice? Go check it out not, but keep an eye out for Klaxo in app form and get ready to have a great time at your next party.

Russell Holly

Russell is a Contributing Editor at Android Central. He's a former server admin who has been using Android since the HTC G1, and quite literally wrote the book on Android tablets. You can usually find him chasing the next tech trend, much to the pain of his wallet. Find him on Facebook and Twitter