Protect your new tech with a warranty from Upsie

Couple looking at phones
Couple looking at phones (Image credit: Upsie)

Purchasing warranty protection is a no-brainer for anyone who only wants to buy the item one time. After all, if your device under warranty breaks, you only need to pay the deductible to get it repaired or replaced. And this time of year, when money seems to evaporate out of accounts, saving money is a novelty.

Not all warranty protection is created equal, though. For example, a TV warranty purchased in-store tends to be significantly overpriced compared to Upsie. Upsie is a better, more affordable and incredibly reliable warranty option for your new tech. Check out this price comparison between Upsie's phone warranty, Best Buy's warranty and a repair shop for a smartphone repair.

Upsie is affordable

Source: Upsie (Image credit: Source: Upsie)

Upsie is clearly the most affordable option. Additionally, Upsie's deductible prices are significantly lower than retailers. In most cases, you can even get your device repaired same-day at a repair shop near you.

So what if you already bought a warranty from a retailer, or even from a cellphone carrier? No problem! Warranties are surprisingly easy to cancel.

  • If you purchased your device within the last 45 days (smartphones) to 60 days (everything else) you can purchase an Upsie warranty.
  • You can cancel your retailer warranty at any time. Typically, you will receive a full refund if you cancel it within 30 days of purchase. If over 30 days have passed, you will likely get a prorated refund.
  • Simply call the phone number on the retailer's site to cancel your plan. Then, protect your new device with Upsie!

If you haven't purchased your tech yet, remember to get Upsie when the time comes. Upsie will save you up to 81% compared to retailer warranties now, and hundreds of dollars when your device breaks down the road.

Michelle Haag