Intel Buys Wind River, Wants More of Android Market ?

Intel (you know them) just purchased Wind River Systems (you may not know them) for $884 million dollars. Why is this news to us Android users? Because Wind River Systems has been dabbling heavily and betting big on Android and by purchasing Wind River, Intel is showing that it wants a bigger piece of this burgeoning mobile market. Things are getting serious!


Wind River hopes to profit off Android by packaging the open source software for commercial use by phone operators and handset manufacturers and servicing licensed customers with updates and patches.

It's pretty exciting to see that Intel is taking such a keen interest with Android (and the rest of the mobile market) hopefully the good things that Wind River was cooking up for Android (and its partners) can still be put in play.

All this talk about the backend of Android is almost making us geek out more than news on upcoming Android devices. Almost.

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Casey Chan