If you could change one thing about the Pixel 5, what would it be?

Google Pixel 5 Camera
Google Pixel 5 Camera (Image credit: Google)

The Google Pixel 5 doesn't officially launch until the end of October, but even so, a lot of people are already forming some initial thoughts about the device. Whether it be the introduction of an ultra-wide camera or Google's decision to use a Snapdragon 765G instead of the more powerful 865, the phone has gotten a lot of people talking.

Our AC forums have been filled with various conversations about the Pixel 5 following its unveiling on September 30, and overall, people seem to be a bit mixed about the phone. Its low price is certainly appealing to a lot of folks, but given that this is supposed to be Google's "flagship" for 2020, does it bring enough to the table?

Some members recently debated whether or not the Pixel 5 is underwhelming, saying:

Like the title says. I was still in the middle of paying my 3 off when the 4 came out. This month I will be finished paying it off and can get the 5 if I choose to do so. However the 5 is.....meh they don't use the latest Qualcomm processors....the camera is the same as the 3...I see that they brought back the fingerprint scanner... (I have face unlock on a tablet and HATE IT) and they have...


Besides the processor which has been proven to perform well on other phones + seeing how the P4a performs based on reviews and it's using the weaker 730/35g processor forgot which one but weaker than the 765g and still performs amazing makes me not worry about it. Then there is the extra ram, extra storage, wide angle lens, retains wireless charging, reverse wireless charging i can use for my...


Well, it's better than the colossal flop that was the Pixel 4/4 XL. A phone so bad Google had to roll back features they introduced to the Pixel lineup and were saying at P4's reveal that they'd be features that would be part of the Pixel hardware in future. Oops, the very next year they get scrapped. Android Central called the phone a flop, MKBHD called it the bust of the year -> so Google going...

I Can Be Your Hero

For me the biggest drawback is the small size. A 6.5 screen is the smallest I'd like to see on a phone.


All of this got us to wondering — If you could change one thing about the Pixel 5, what would it be?

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