Game Maker

For this week only, Humble Bundle will allow you to kickoff your own Android game development. The Android export module of Game Maker is currently available for just $12. Adding in the cost for Google Play registration, setting you back $25 and we're at $37, which isn't a bad price for what you're receiving.

The professional version of the suite included in the charitable deal makes it easier for developers to build top-quality games. Purchasing Game Maker Pro from YoYo Games directly would set you back $149.99, as well as a further $299.99 for the Android export module so it's certainly an offer one should look into.

There are also a few titles included in this week's deal that have their source code available for viewing. Will you release the next big hit on the Google Play Store? Check out the Humble Bundle website for further details on purchasing this week's package.

Source: Humble Bundle, via: Reddit