brings cloud backup and more to Android

In addition to the announcement of the HTC Desire HD and Desire Z and the London event today, HTC managed unveiled a new cloud-based service for HTC Sense phones that will feature some cool options:

  • A locate feature that allows you to remotely ring your phone, even if it is set to vibrate 
  • Remote lock and wipe if you have your phone stolen or lost
  • Backups for contacts, call history, data, customizations, and even text messages
  • Sharing and editing for multimedia content (read: pictures and video shot on your phone)
  • Send messages from your computer to the lock screen of your phone

One would assume would launch alongside the Desire HD and Desire Z, but HTC gave no firm date or word on if existing Sense phones would see an update to let them access these features. I am sure many Droid Incredible, Evo 4G, Aria, Desire, and Wildfire owners out there would love to have access to all of that cloud-based goodness, so we will keep our eyes peeled for any news on that front. [Engadget]

Kyle Gibb
  • Kind of disappointing. These are all features that can already be had elsewhere. A day late and a dollar short, imo.
  • About time.
    But in reply, yes you can have these features, but isn't it better to have these features from one source rather than several? I for one, believe so. Glad it's coming from HTC. I would rather see something from Google, however.
  • From Google, really? Wouldn't you think Google's efforts best spent optimizing Android and enhancing the UI?
  • Hey, just wondering. Where can I get a service this good and reliable, as htc is, for my droid x ( u know, that phone that is locked down like fort knox). Just curious cuz it would be nice especially if I have to do a reset because I'm trying to break into it :)
  • I have an EVO but I've been using "Lookout" since I had my Hero... Backs up all contacts and messages and images(I think video too) . . . as far as your email goes Google already backs you up providing you use Gmail for Email and Contacts
  • You get most of these features with lookout. But its nice to have another option for this. Got to love the choice android offers.
  • I think we will see this in of one if the next major android updates. That will be nice. I wouldn't use this if vzn released it! Ur info would for sure be exploited. I use lookout, it isn't nearly this in depth, it us a great program I suppose.
    Wouldn't it be awesome if htc sense, as well as the other skins were not sold on your phone but available for purchase on the market?! I would pay 20 bucks for the new sense. (thats a lot of dough for me!) Just a "how would it be"
    Android ftw
  • HTC Said on TWITTER that will be launching along side the release of these handsets. . . On Another note... This is why I have an Issue choosing Stock over Sense... HTC has be SPOILED since my HERO days... We'll see how I feel once Gingerbread is announced
  • "A locate feature that allows you to remotely ring your phone, even if it is set to vibrate" I wonder if they got this idea (as obvious as it seems and surprised it has not come out sooner) from Family Guy where Lois lost her phone and made a comment about it then her and Peter just stared at the "camera"
  • "1.5GB ROM"? I think that is supposed to be "Flash". But does it really have that little Flash? Maybe they mean it has 1.5GB of user-available Flash after the OS is loaded. And a whopping 789MB of RAM?? Isn't the Evo is 512MB?