Social media is as difficult as it is easy, a lesson virtually everyone has learned in the 140-character space at one time or another. The latest victim: Taiwanese manufacturer HTC.

In showing of its shiny new 24-carat gold HTC One M9, it also managed to show off a sliver of an iPhone, presumably being used to take the picture.

Uh oh, indeed.

HTC quickly got rid of the offending image, but no deletion is ever quick enough on the Internet.

Embarrassing, for sure. It happens. But it's not like it was Cher Wang or Peter Chou taking the picture. In fact, it could well have been an outside agency. Or not. It doesn't really matter either way. In the world of social media, you will screw up at some point. You take your lumps and move on. (And if I were HTC I would have quickly followed up with some sort of snarky shot of both phones together. Never mind that the HTC's apparently having a tough spring; it's about self-deprecation.)

Nah, the problem here was procedural. No more, no less. You have something you might not want to show up in a picture? You don't have it within sight of the lens. Period. And then you do a better job of poring over the image before publishing. You learn that lesson once, the hard way. And for whatever reason the iOS circle is especially jerky these days. (Out of boredom? Something else? Who knows.)

This, too, shall pass. Already has, really, and isn't any more indicative of HTC than the fact that Apple can't even be bothered to tweet.