HTC One Mini 2

It is understandable that the original One Mini isn't receiving the update, given that it was originally announced in July 2013. But it isn't clear as to why HTC is leaving owners of the One Mini 2 — a device launched just under a year ago — out in the cold. The Taiwanese vendor did not reveal its reasons for not bringing the Lollipop update to the device, only stating that the experience would not be "optimal:"

With vendors like Motorola making the Lollipop update available on all handsets launched in 2014 and 2013, and with Sony announcing that all of its devices in the Xperia Z series would receive the update as well, HTC is not winning any customers over by not updating a device based on its 2014 flagship to Android 5.0.

Source: Twitter (HTC) (1), (2); Via: GSMArena