In Short

At CES 2016, HTC unveiled the Vive Pre, its second-generation virtual reality hardware for developers. Following the footsteps of the first-generation hardware, the Vive Pre is smaller and comes with improved visuals, as well as a new controller design. Being smaller, the headset now weighs less, and its improved straps and interchangeable foam inserts help make it fit even better on your face.

The display tech inside the headset has been improved, offering a brighter screen and smoother motions. Also included in the new hardware is a front-facing camera, which was not present on the previous version. With this, the Vive Pre can now highlight real-world objects in the virtual world, allowing you to interact with objects and other people without tripping over obstacles. Redesigned controllers offer a better grip, and they now include haptic feedback to allow you to move around easier.

HTC plans to make 7,000 Vive Pre units available to developers in the beginning of 2016.