HTC Sense 5.5

An easy way to disable BlinkFeed, customizable quick settings, 'dual capture' and 'Panorama+' in camera app

High-profile HTC ROM maker mike1986 has produced screenshots purporting to be from the next version of HTC's Android-based UI, Sense 5.5. Among the most significant changes in the gallery of 15 images are the presence of an easy toggle for BlinkFeed — HTC's home screen reader, which currently cannot be disabled on HTC One devices. Elsewhere in BlinkFeed, there are new categories to select, and a custom topics tab.

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HTC Sense 5.5

There also appears to be a new menu for customizing and re-ordering the quick settings in the notification shade, and new options here include a "Do Not Disturb" mode. In addition, the HTC keyboard features some new emoji icons, and the task-switcher has been re-scaled with bigger preview windows.

The camera app has grown two new features — "Panorama+" and "Dual Capture." It's unclear what's different about Panorama+ compared to the regular Sweep Panorama setting (a Photosphere-type mode, perhaps?) It's also likely the "dual capture" mode is something similar to Samsung's Dual Shot mode, which shoots images using the front and rear camera simultaneously.

Besides the feature changes, it's mostly the same HTC Sense we've come to know over the past year, and we've confirmed with a knowledgeable source that this is indeed an accurate representation of Sense 5.5. However with Android 4.3 updates currently being pushed out with Sense 5.0 onboard, it could be a while before we see the new UI rolling out to HTC phones.

Source: Android Revolution HD blog

HTC Sense 5.5