htc evo 4g gets froyo by christmas

Just because we see what looks like Froyo running on a phone with HTC Sense, doesn't mean it's right around the corner.  The good folks over at Pocket-lint got some one-on-one time with Eric Lin, HTC's global PR and online community manager, at the recent Qualcomm Uplinq convention and got the straight scoop about Froyo on the new breed of HTC Sense phones. 

At this point I'd like to ask everyone to turn off their WiFi...err I mean put down their pitchforks and rotten fruit.  All sharp objects put away?  HTC says to expect Froyo on their handsets by Christmas.  And since you all are safely empty handed, he also says not to expect Gingerbread anytime this year.  Allow me to quote Mr. Lin:

"It takes time to port all of our applications over to Froyo and then make sure that it is running well on each of our devices. That’s not like a one week kind of project. We need to make sure that our applications are taking advantage of the Froyo features. To make sure that they’re all running properly on the OS now that it’s a new version. And then to make sure that it's running on our hardware as well as we expect."

I'm no happier than you guys are, but at least we'll see Froyo on our Evos and Incredibles before Sony Ericsson updates the Xperia line.  Feel free to discuss and vent in the comments. [Pocket-lint]

Update from Phil: Good lord, people. OK, we should have included the following line (but were trying to to steal all of Pocket-Lint's quotes). Said Mr. Lin: "I would believe that we would be done with our Froyo updates before Christmas." Updates could come next week. Or next month. Or the month after. Regardless, everybody have a little patience. You'll get Froyo in due time. This reaction is why we never get more than a ballpark time line.