HTC One M9

Overall revenue for the quarter was at NT$41.5 billion ($1.36 billion), which is slightly lower than the NT$47.9 billion ($1.5 billion) the company managed in Q4 2014. Net profit at NT$0.36 billion ($11 million) is also marginally less than the NT$0.5 billion ($15.89 million) recorded during the preceding quarter. However, when compared to the same period last year — with a recorded revenue of NT$33.12 billion ($1.08 billion) and a net loss of NT$1.88 billion ($66 million) — the manufacturer has turned things around remarkably well.

HTC is looking to take that momentum into Q2 with devices such as the One M9 in the U.S. and European markets, with the One M9+ and One E9+ targeted at Asian territories. The Taiwanese vendor is expecting to make NT$46 billion ($1.5 billion) to NT$51 billion ($1.67 billion) next quarter.

Source: HTC