HTC One Mini 2

We were wondering what would be different about the rumored HTC One Remix for Verizon than the HTC One Mini 2 it's reportedly based on. We can now tell you at least one thing: color. Notorious leaker @evleaks just outed what is said to be the first image of the One Remix (you can check it out after the break), and though it's in a case and has had the background poorly photoshopped out, what we see here is an HTC One Mini with a dark metal finish for the speaker grilles (it's close to the brushed gunmetal finish of our HTC One Mini 2 hands-on), but with bright blue plastic trim around the bottom instead of the black we're used to seeing.

HTC One Remix leak

If anything, we'd have thought that a custom-colored phone destined for Verizon would have been tinted red, but apparently that's just for Taiwan. Apart from color, what else would you like to see made different with the HTC One Remix on Verizon?

Source: @evleaks