HTC One 'Remix' bound for Verizon looks like a One Mini 2 with a Verizon Logo

It was a few weeks ago that we first heard about the HTC One 'Remix' coming to Verizon, a supposed Verizon variant of the HTC One Mini 2. That render was drenched in bright blue, a surprising choice for a phone on Big Red. The new render from evleaks is quite a bit more reined in for its supposed 2014 debut

It's still very much a One Mini 2 — check out our review of the HTC One Mini 2 to see what we think — though in this case with a purple BlinkFeed, smooth metal finish (our review unit was the slick — figurative and literal — brushed metal), and light gray plastic accents. The report has it that this is still being called the "HTC One Remix", though how, if at all, this will differ from the One Mini 2, we still don't know.

Source: evleaks