HTC One Car Dock.

Here's a quick look at the official HTC One Car Dock. It's a car dock, for the HTC One. And if you're at all familiar with HTC's car docks for its other devices, you should be right at home here. 

There's nothing grossly different about the functionality here. It's got a substantial base that either suctions itself to your windshield, or to your dash via an adhesive disc. (I usually opt for the windshield, but then again I swap devices more than most normal folks.) You twist the textured ring at the base of the dock to trigger the suction mechanism. (It's easier to do when you're actually mounting the dock, so don't worry if you can't just get it to work in your hands.) There's a ball joint to allow for a full range of movement and positioning of your phone, and there's just enough friction to keep things from moving when you don't want them to.

HTC One Car Dock.

My dock included a 6-foot microUSB cable, which should be long enough to reach over to the left-hand side of your dash, if that's how you roll. The business end clips into the dock itself, with the plug passing through to your phone. That makes my brain think it might not be as sturdy as a stock with a permanently attached plug, but it seems to work just fine.

The look of the dock is a little odd, with half of your phone left exposed. But that makes it extremely easy to slide your phone in and out. I've had no issues seating the microUSB plug. And once things are in their proper place, the Car Dock app immediately fires up, with a number of apps attached to it by default. (To swap them out, just long press and remove, and hit the + button to add a new app.)

All in all, it's what you'd expect from a manufacturer's own car dock.

You can snag the HTC One car dock from Amazon for around $67, or a little cheaper directly from HTC.


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