HTC One Max

Large phone is large

We got our first look at what's probably HTC's big-screened One Max over the weekend, and now the source of that leak, Taiwanese site ePrice, is back with another comparative photo. In the latest image, the 5.9-inch HTC phone is pitted against the Motorola XT882, a device with a humble 4-inch display. As you can see, the difference in size is pretty ridiculous — the Motorola phone doesn't even cover the enormous screen of the One Max.

The image also gives us a closer look at the Max's hardware, and it seems HTC may have opted for a One Mini-style plastic trim rather than the chamfered metal edges of the regular HTC One. We can also see what might be a SIM tray on the left edge, and an off-center microUSB port is revealed by the presence of a charging cable.

Purported specs for the One Max point to it being the most powerful HTC phone we've seen so far, with Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 800 chip running the show. Android Central understands that the Max is targeted for a September release, so we're still around a month out from actually being able to buy HTC's largest handset yet.

Source: ePrice