HTC One M8 Flip Case

Next up on our tour of HTC One M8 cases — we've already taken a look at the extremely popular Dot View case and HTC's TPU case — is HTC's Flip Case. This is a more traditional endeavor. No crazy 8-bit dots. No quick-peek windows.

And so what you get here is a pretty straightforward matter. Plastic shell on the back. Rigid cover for the front, with cutouts for the BoomSound speakers (which, by the way, work just fine with the flap closed, including during a phone call). Cutouts for the DuoCamera setup, flash and secondary microphone. Plenty of room to get to the microUSB port, 3.5mm headphone jack, and the power button and IR port up top.

Put simply, this is a no-frills, high-function (and not bad-looking) flip case.

HTC One M8 Flip Case

One other point very much worth mentioning is that the Flip Case doesn't suffer the main issue we had with the Dot View Case. With the cover flipped around to the, you're still able to type pretty well, as it manages to lie flatter against the curved back of the phone. The Dot View Case didn't handle that so well. The Flip Case is much-improved in that respect.

One more important feature: Open the flip case, and the display wakes up. Close it, and it goes back to sleep.

The bottom line for this guy? It's a good, solid case. At hovering just short of $40, it's a bit expensive. But on the other hand, that's a hell of a lot cheaper than having to get a new phone should you drop it (even with HTC Advantage in effect).

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