HTC One M8 Eye

Last week, HTC launched a special edition of the One M8 with a 13 MP camera at the back called One M8 Eye in China and India, and if you were waiting for the device to make its way to Europe sometime later, we've got bad news. A HTC product manager has revealed in an interview with Fudzilla that the device was designed for specific markets, and that a European release was not on the cards.

According to Fudzilla:

The representative said the HTC One M8 was designed for specific markets, especially India, and he said that the device lacks some features like infrared found on the high-end HTC One M8.

Also clarified was the fact that the Desire Eye – a dual 13 MP toting handset with high-end hardware – will not be replacing the One M8, which will still be HTC's "holiday season flagship."

What do you guys think of HTC's move in limiting the One M8 Eye to China and India?

Source: Fudzilla