HTC has turned on the Wayback Machine and is now offering a bootloader unlock solution for the Droid Eris, the HTC Hero, the HTC Legend, and the T-Mobile myTouch 3G and 4G flavors.  It's a move that surprises most of us, as we never expected HTC to go back that far in their device lineup to do the right thing.  Most of us have moved past these devices, but I can't be the only one who wants to get a little nostalgic and break out the phone we used before the phone we used before the phone we're using now and give it a go.  Do note that the Hero unlock tool is for the GSM versions only, and you may have to flash a new RUU (HTC-speak for a full OEM ROM) to do the deed.  

But, hey, they were great phones for their time, and they deserve the same treatment as todays great phones do.  Thanks, HTC!  Hit the source link to get your unlock on.

Source: HTC dev; via +HTC