HTC One M8 Duo Camera

HTC has released the preview SDK for its Dual Lens API. The HTC One M8 Dual Lens system with a 4-megapixel "Ultrapixel" sensor, working in tandem with a smaller camera that senses depth to capture information about distance, allowing users to do things like defocus parts of an image. Developers will be able to use the APIs in the SDK to build new effects for the camera and use the dual-sensor set-up in their apps.

The SDK contains two APIs: DualLense and DimensionPlus. The DualLense API supports getting and managing strength maps for bokeh areas in an image. The API for DimensionPlus, which allows users to add 3D effects to an image, has support for the DimensionPlus file format, and includes the DimensionPlusView and DimensionPlusUtility for rendering and exporting DimensionPlus images, respectively.

For more on the HTC One M8's camera, be sure to check out Phil's camera test, as well as Alex Dobie's overview of the camera features found in the phone.

Source: HTC