In what's not too much a surprise at this point, HTC today dropped word that the HTC Grip — its fitness band created in conjunction with Under Armour announced at Mobile World Congress and that was supposed to ship by now — isn't going to ship just now. Instead, the Grip (which Engadget says might or might not ship in its current form), will get rolled into a larger fitness endeavor later this year. And that very much is in line with what both companies said when they announced their partnership in January — that we would see them "[design] a series of products to work seamlessly" with Under Armour's UA Record app.

HTC released the following statement today:

"Through our partnership with Under Armour, we have continued to refine our vision and approach to the health and fitness category. Our goal is to offer best-in-class products for our customers and partners. After extensive wear testing and user feedback, we have decided to align GRIP with the entire product portfolio for health and fitness launching later this year. This will be a state-of-the-art comprehensive portfolio of products for this category powered by UA RECORD. We are excited to launch this new comprehensive product suite and will share further details as we get closer to launch."

The Grip, which we got a sneak peek of back in February, was a relatively uninspired fitness band that would have been entering a world dominated by the likes of Fitbit.