Adjustable blur intensity in the UFocus effect

HTC Gallery has been updated today, adding a new feature for HTC One M8 owners: adjustable UFocus Blur. The feature, which takes advantage of the Duo Camera setup on the One M8 to add depth-of-field blurring effects to photos, allows users to now control just how much blur is applied.

As with the previous versions of HTC Gallery, you can tap anywhere on the image when using the UFocus effects tool to refocus the image, but now there's a slider on the left side that allows you to adjust just how much artificial blur you're getting. Towards the top (+) is maximum blur, while dragging the slider to the bottom (-) is zero additional blur than what you get from the Ultrapixel camera on its own. We like a creamy bokeh effect as much as the next guy, but we'll admit that sometimes the UFocus effect overdid it to the point of distraction — now you can dial things back a bit.

In addition to the enhanced UFocus effect, anybody with an HTC Sense 6 device can now use the Dimension Plus effect or capture Pan 360 (i.e. Photosphere) images. There are also other "improvements" (seriously, that's all the changelog says) to HTC Gallery — we expect bug fixes and the like. The updated HTC Gallery is available now for free from Google Play for all HTC Sense 6 devices.

The updates to HTC Gallery and the UFocus effect are welcome — will they change how you use your HTC camera?