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HTC confirms it's pulling Carrier IQ from Sprint ROMs in future updates

When Sprint first told Android Central that it has ceased using the Carrier IQ analytics software on its Android smartphones, throwing a switch on the server side while leaving the app itself dormant, we kind of figured that would be that. Sure, future smartphones likely wouldn't have the maligned software embedded, but current phones would remain as-is.

But it looks like stripping Carrier IQ from ROMs might be easier than we imagined. The HTC EVO 3D saw it removed entirely in an update this week, and HTC has confirmed The Verge that indeed it's pulling Carrier IQ from its Sprint ROMs, saying "we're working with Sprint to provide maintenance releases that will remove Carrier IQ and provide security enhancements and bug fixes beginning in January."

Some of us were perfectly OK with the server-side solution, but we're also perfectly happy with removing from ROMs apps and services that are no longer being used. Between Carrier IQ and bootloader unlocking, HTC's definitely impressing us all in the transparency department.

Source: The Verge; more: EVO 3D update

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  • So I wonder what phones will get the update? All that have Carrier IQ installed?
  • Should have never been there in the first place nice to see Sprint and HTC do this I love me Evo 3d and yes i do use the 3d part
  • Carrier iq didn't bug me as much as these new things missing in this update. I lost my search in music and phone freezes up when i click home and lags more than it did before the update.
  • @DJ.Erick.G2.0 Since the update, I've been getting random brief freezes, but overall the phone got a lot faster. Specifically Sense is a lot faster when switching screens, when unlocking, with the carousel effect, etc. Apps seem to poen faster also. But periodically I'll get a momentary freeze. Kinda weird.
  • now can they please remove the bloatware too? no offense but i'm not a fan of NASCAR and i don't want it on my phone.
  • COSIGN!!
    Everytime ANdroid market bothers me about an update to nascar sprint cup mobile i wanna throw my phone at a wall!
    I just baffles me how people could sit up and assume you want some stuff like that on your phone.
    If youre gonna stab in the dark, at least go with a football app or something, you'd be hard pressed to find an american that doesnt care about football in some capacity, but NASCAR?! UGH!
  • Sprint is the main sponsor of NASCAR - which is why that app is preloaded. I am actually surprised there isn't even more NASCAR stuff on the phones as I believe Sprint is paying a pretty penny for the sponsor rights. I wouldn't mind Sprint preloading it to get people excited about a sport they sponsor - but there should be a non-rooting way of removing this and the other bloatware apps.
  • I don't care about any sports and yes I am an American. Do not let the name mistake you in any shape, or form. I also dislike bloatware being on my devices. Can you guys please let me delete Amazon MP3. The app is not to my liking.
  • You know you can uninstall it, right? Last year Sprint and HTC started making most of the bloat unstallable.
  • It appears the community/sensational media at large influenced CarrierIQ's fate (Yay, less bloat). I think I recall though, AC editors position was more 'take your medicine; it is what it is', as it often is..
    Yay community. +1.
  • what are these screens supposed to show? cuz all i see on the left is that they are scrolled down past htc stuff....
  • I think it's just meant to show the Carrier IQ processes running. *shrug*
  • i believe tahts what the first screen shot is for... but the second one is supposed to be a comparison? yet is scrolled down too far ;P
  • The 2 screenshots show "HTC IQAgent" and "IQRD" both of which are CarrierIQ. After the update these will be gone. More info here:
  • EDIT: oops. The dreaded double post.
  • By the way, Samsung is doing it to. They just haven't officially said anything about it yet. Then again, they probably won't. Sprint will do the honors with a press release saying they take the concerns of customers seriously and as a result are the first carrier to have their OEMs to completely remove Carrier IQ from their devices via an OTA update. You know Sprint, they love their firsts. Be prepared for similar diagnostics software being pre-installed on future phones though, but with better disclosures and maybe an opt-out option this time.