Manufacturer also exploring updating the U.S. HTC One X directly to Android 4.4

Hoping to open up the communication lines to its customers, HTC ran a Reddit AMA today to take questions and shed some light on its processes. One of the big revelations so far is a new commitment to software updates — going forward, HTC claims it will bring "all major Android updates" to its flagship devices for two years after their release date. There's no indication of what's considered a "flagship," but we can at least hope this has a positive change on how HTC handles updates going forward.

HTC says the outcry over the update situation on the One X and X+ — after announcing both devices won't make it past Android 4.2 — has it rethinking the way it does updates. It explains that because the One X+ used an NVIDIA processor HTC was left in the dark on being able to update that device, and simply chose to keep the One X (which uses a Qualcomm chip in the states) on the same level as its counterpart. Following the response to the Android 4.2 update, HTC is actively exploring a way to bump the Qualcomm-based One X straight to Android 4.4.

Together with the relatively swift updates various versions of the HTC One have had over the last few months, we hope this is a step in the right direction when it comes to pushing major updates to the most popular devices. The extra transparency about the process doesn't hurt either.

Source: Reddit