The picture above was taken the day the Nexus One launched. In focus, the glorious Nexus One. In the background, HTC CEO Peter Chou proudly standing behind it. And at the time, the Nexus One was the best Android phone available (heck, it still might be). He had the right to be proud. But how does he feel now? Is he still happy with the Nexus One? After all the customer mishaps and relatively disappointing sales numbers, can the CEO of HTC still proudly hold the Nexus One?

You bet.

Chou says that the Nexus One is a success because Google's goal with the Nexus One was to "show how good Android can be" and "in that regard, [he] thinks it has been an achievement." We agree, the Nexus One (along with the Droid) brought Android into a different light and re-introduced Android as a true contender in the smartphone space. And though sales haven't been stellar, Chou echoes our statement, that "considering Google didn't do [standard] retail or marketing for it, the Nexus One is doing pretty well."

Sure, we can take this as typical CEO-speak but there's something to be said when a company is focused on building the best phone possible as opposed to marketing a phone to become the most popular; that success for them can be measured in something other than sales figures. It's no accident that the Evos, the Desires, the Legends, of the Android world are all made by HTC--they focus on building great devices. So say what you want about the Nexus One, success or not, we're just glad HTC is in Android's corner.

[via forbes]