Update: I, and others in our HTC One forums, have started to get shipping notifications, backing up what HTC told us .

Original: We've just gotten some more details from HTC regarding the shipping delay for its 32-gigabyte SIM-unlocked HTC One as well as the 64-gigabyte "developer edition" with its unlockable bootloader.

The official word form HTC is still "before the end of April," but things might well not be that bad. 

We'll explain ...

Here's the full, official statement from HTC:

"We're excited that the new HTC One is now available through AT&T, Sprint T-Mobile and numerous national retail partners; however, we are experiencing unforeseen delays with shipping for the pre-ordered the 32GB SIM-unlocked and 64GB developer edition. We are working to fullfill orders as quickly as possible but the latest delivery for any customers will be before the end of April. We apologize to these customers for the delay. We know there is a lot of excitement for this phone and we can't wait to get this device into all of our customers' hands."

The end of April, of course, is only a week and a half from today. And we've been told that's actually a pretty worst-case shipping scenario at this point. There aren't any production problems or anything scary like that -- it's just that shipping nationwide has been affected by the ongoing terrorist event in Boston, as well as flooding in the Midwest, and it's trickled down to the HTC One, unfortunately.

It's possible, we've been told, that shipping statuses could be updated this afternoon, and we might well see phones well before the end of the month. We'd recommend checking HTC's order status page later today.

And if you hear anything new, sing out in our forums.