UA Healthbox

Available May 23 for $549.99 CAD, the UA HealthBox features three HTC-designed, Under Armour-operated health products: the UA Band, which tracks steps, heart rate, sleep, and calories; the UA Scale, which tracks weight goals; and the Heart Rate, a chest strap that accurately tracks heart rate during runs. All of the data is tracked by the UA Record app, available for Android and iOS.

The bundle also comes with one year of membership to Under Armour's MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness health social networks.

Earlier this year, our Andrew Martonik had many positive things to say about the bundle in his review:

Each of the products in the HealthBox is executed extremely well. The UA Band is light, comfortable and tracks your activities as well as any simple wearable can. The UA Scale is beautiful, and offers effortless tracking of your (and your family's) weight and body fat percentage. The UA Heart Rate might be a tough sell at first, but once you get over the awkwardness of it it'll become second nature. And of course you can't forget the UA Record app, for without it none of these products would be worth your time — tying everything together into a central place completely makes the experience of the HealthBox.

HTC and Under Armour do plan to sell the products separately. Both the UA Band and Scale will run $229.99 CAD, while the Heart Rate will go for $99.99. Pre-orders go live today.

See UA HealthBox at Under Armour