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The competition: PreCentral blows the lid off the webOS tablet

It looks like the tablet playing field is about to get a lot more competitive. Our good friends over at PreCentral got their hands on some information regarding HP's plans and specs for the webOS Tablet, plus hits of the webOS Tablet UI -- and we'll admit it looks pretty impressive. The webOS platform has thus far been sort of left in the dark in all of the Android and iOS madness, but that may be changing now. Keep in mind all this information is from back in August, so things are always subject to change, but this still gives us a good glance at what's in store. Hit the links above for all the details, and let us know if this is going to be swaying your decision on purchasing a tablet in 2011.

  • Specs sound "OK", I suppose. Only 512MB RAM seems a bit weak. Will be interesting to see what the price will be. I still have a great love of WebOS. I would not have switched to Android had I been able to upgrade to reasonable hardware running it. Not that I am disappointed with Android- it has a lot of pluses too :)
  • Same here. I love Android, but with the right hardware (smartphone, not tablet) WebOS could win me back in a heartbeat.
  • I was thinking about it... Even with the same hardware, I wouldn't go back to WebOS.
    The lack of apps (still) is a big deal. At first it wasn't but now that I'm used to all the apps that Android gets, I don't see myself going back to WebOS. Though I could always own a WebOS tablet and an Android phone... but how can you pass up Gingerbread. Both hacking communities are pretty big. Android has a lot going for it though. I mean... even Windows 7 is about to pass WebOS in # of apps.
  • Wp7 already passed WebOS in apps.
  • Very true. Looking in the Palm App Catalog now, there still aren't any FTP apps, something that bothered me over a year ago.
  • I was EXTREMELY excited about this tablet. I LOVE webOS. But now, I am not excited at all. Why? Not because of the RAM, or the Screen or connectivity, but because of the stupid decisions to use a Qualcomm processor. That honestly angers me. Look at the difference in performance between a Palm Pre and a Palm Pixi. PHENOMENAL. Why? They both run at 600Mhz (i think Pre might even be 500Mhz), they both have equal RAM and they both have same OS.... but the PIxi uses a Qualcomm processor while Pre uses TI. The Pre runs much, much faster for that reason, even with the larger screen. I sincerely hope they changed their processor choice since then.
  • My wife has a Pre and while the hardware is junk I do dig the webOS, and I think it would make a great tab OS. I just wonder if its too late for their app catalog to catch up with Android and iPhone. Same goes for the BlackBerry tab.
  • 512MB is still twice as much as the "Magical" iPad...
    1.2GHz and an IPS display are nice too.
  • This device is swaying me towards a WebOS tablet.
    First I need to see: - Battery Life
    - App Selection
    - Price If all those are met at a good standard, I'd defiantly pick up a WiFi 32GB model. Hope you guys wont let me down. :)
  • Dual-Core too. Cool. Tablet choices for me now are this and the HTC Tab. Was going to go for a xoom but they aren't getting me with that 799 BS.
  • I too switched from palm to android. I got tired of waiting for new hardware. it will be very interesting to see if HP can deliver quality hardware, I wont touch their desk or laptops.
  • Will be getting this for sure! @crxssi 512MB RAM is plenty to run WebOS and its "true" multi-tasking. Dual Cores FTW! this will be a game changer! Especially with their innovative touchstone tech.
  • Hey, looks like they took the top of my laptop and made a tablet out of it.
  • Where is Jerry with his "Too Many Cards Error" comments? Come on Jerry, we know you want to say it!
  • Haha so true. No offense, Jerry :)
  • Too little too late imo
  • Nice, some competition that's actually worthy. I definitely want to see webOS hit #2 sometime soon :)
  • Not impressed. Just don't care. Came from a Pre Plus to an EVO and haven't looked back since. I can do everything on my EVO that I can do on my laptop. Work. Play. Communications. Web browsing in full HTML, including Flash. Thanks but no thanks. I've got a desktop, laptop, and HTC EVO. I have no need for anyone's tablet, especially anything to do with WebOS.
  • I also have an evo after I switched from my pre-. Other than the hardware and speed, there is nothing else I like more on my evo than my pre-. I love webos and I'm going back to webos once the hardware and speed is taking care off. I am quite sure the new webos devices will be quite awesome. I know there are more apps on android than webos but I'm also confidence that webos will soon get more apps. As a matter of fact, I have more apps on my pre- (which I still have in good condition) than on my evo. Almost everyday I have to delete apps from my evo because of the low memory error that shows up and slows down its performance. I have over 100 installed apps on my pre- with no problem and less than 60 installed apps on my evo and I have to uninstall some almost everyday. Very soon I'll say bye android and welcome back to the best mobile operating system, webos.
  • They really need to get their app devs and app store moving in high gear if they really want to compete in all honestly. The Hardware can be great and the OS can be phenominal, but when you don't have any apps to put onto the device you've got problems. Windows Phone 7 is the new kid on the block and they already have more apps in their marketplace then the palm marketplace. iPhone users will buy iPads and Android users will buy Android tabs. Noone really wants to buy the same/similar app multiple times for multiple OSs. It's the non Android and iPhone users who will buy this more then likely imo. BTW, I hope they continue Palms tradition with the Konami code. ;)
  • I love the idea of webOS in a tablet. I understand that the app catalog isn't as large as the android market but I've looked through the app catalog and most of the apps I use on my Droid were either there or had a similarly working app.
  • +1
  • I have lots of love for Android. For a phone, I will probably never switch to any other OS (till the next great AND OPEN OS). But as far as a tablet, the only kind I can see myself using would have to run WebOS. I owned a Pre before my EVO, and I must say that the whole time I used it I could'nt help feeling like the OS was built for tablets but forced into a phone. The card and gesture setup is RIDICULOUSLY intuitive. I think as a tablet OS, it has the potential to be the best. I just hope that HP doesn't make the same mistake as Palm did with the Pre and cripple a great OS with inferior hardware.
  • I also came from WebOS (Sprint Pre) to Android (Epic). I also really really loved WebOS, with its cards, gestures, and true multitasking but could no longer deal with the inferior hardware. Speaking of true multitasking, why is it that in Android, it won't let me SWITCH to a particular app by clicking on it in the Task Manager? Recent apps is okay, but what if the app I want to switch to is no longer there? Overall though, I am happy with my switch to Android and I really love the Epic hardware. And for all the bitching and moaning I read on here from Samsung users and the lack of updates: ROOT YOUR PHONE and DO IT YOURSELF!