How's your Galaxy Watch battery life been?

Samsung Galaxy Watch charging
Samsung Galaxy Watch charging (Image credit: Android Central)

Samsung's Galaxy Watch is one of the latest smartwatches on the market, and while it's not drastically different compared to the Gear S3 or Gear Sport, it's still one of the best wearables you can buy right now.

One of the Galaxy Watch's biggest claims to fame is its multi-day battery life on a single charge, and now that shipments are starting to go out, early adopters are starting to chime in with how the gadget's been holding up in these regards.

Here's what they have to say.

Had mine for a week now. really used to military style watches with big thick bands. however the functionality of this watch makes up for it. you're not going to get 4 days or maybe I just use the watch too much I averaged about two and a half 3 days. does anyone know where you can get wider bands for this understand the attachment point is 22 mm


Well finally got my Rose Gold 42mm yesterday and love it. So light on my wrist I just can't feel it. So it really is comfortable! Battery life is excellent despite my family group WhatsApp chat buzzing on the watch every few minutes. Kept the original watch face as it looks so nice. Does everything I want it to and the improved speakers sound very good. Even music isn't too awful through them ...


Wife got the 42" Rose Gold LTE through TMobile. Had it for two days and sent it back. Battery life was horrible. The non-LTE version would be the one to get. The Rose Gold is a work of art. It is absolutely beautiful.


Got a 46mm on Sunday at TMobile. Wow, I've had an Apple watch before but this thing makes the Apple watch seem like a POS. I love this thing, haven't charged it since Sunday, I've been sleep tracking and testing the auto workout function. Really enjoying it so far

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What about you? How's your Galaxy Watch battery life?

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  • It's ended the day on around 75% the last couple of days. That's everything on. Screen maximum brightness and always on mode turned on.
  • Wow, that's not bad, way better then the gear 3 even when it was new.
  • Wow that's so much better than Gear 2. Might consider another smart watch after this one finally dies.
  • Unfortunately my battery life has sucked using the 46mm LTE with about 10-12 hours before its screaming for a charger. I'm going to exchange it at tmobile
  • Ok I'm almost a couple weeks in and I'm barely getting 2 days. I have everything turned off except notifications. I have stopped playing with it and trying to get into a normal routine but still no way I could get 4 days not even 3. At the end of my 2nd day I'm putting it in powersaver mode at 9% Please let me know if I'm missing something.
  • I'm seeing a full day and night use leaves me with 75% left but I stick it on the charger while I shower each morning and it is between 95 to 100 when I put it back on! 46mm bluetooth.
  • Day and a half since charge and now on 45%
  • Honestly, mine is not impressive. I love the watch, but there's no way I'll even reach two days on a charge. I take it off the charger at night, and wake up to 88% about 8 hours later...with ZERO use! I'll probably exchange it, because my Frontier was better.