How's the Pixel 3 holding up one month later?

Google's Pixel 3 has now passed its one month birthday, and since its release, there's been a lot going on. The phone was met with extremely positive reviews from fans and critics alike, but at the same time, there has been a heap of bugs here and there trying to take away from the overall experience.

Now that the one-month marker has passed, how's the Pixel 3 doing?

Here's what the Android Central forum community thinks:

After a month with the new pixel 3XL that I upgraded to from the pixel 2xl, I find that I am very pleased with my choice. I like pretty much everything about the phone but the camera feature really makes it exceptional. With the addition of the night sight enhancement, it is a very special phone to own.


Coming from an OG Pixel, I too am impressed and pleased with the 3XL after 2.5 weeks. A buttery smooth phone with a camera that makes others think you carry around a DSLR... I personally couldn't ask for anything more.


When did I get my Pixel 3 XL. Oct 10th. Like about everything about it haven't had any problems with it. Bought the pixel stand with it. The pixel stand is a rapid charger too. Like the pixel stand.


What say you? How's your Pixel 3 holding up one month later?

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Joe Maring

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