HTC Thunderbolt

By now many of you have your shiny new HTC Thunderbolt in your clutches, and are tired from staying up all night playing with it.  Here's a question for you all -- how's your battery life turning out?  We all know that Android phones, HTC Android phones in particular, don't have a very good reputation when it comes to battery life.  Android is a very internet-centric operating system, and with all that data streaming in and out, you're going to use more battery power.  Combine that with the extra radio that an LTE or WiMax device uses, and things aren't going to get better.  To top it all off, there isn't an easy to use toggle to shut down the 4G radio when not in use on the Thunderbolt like there is on some other 4G Android phones.  We're not second guessing Verizon or HTC on that one, but it certainly seems like an odd omission.

So we figure the best way to gauge battery life is to ask.  Let us know in the poll, and hit the Thunderbolt forums for some tips to get the most out of your battery.