How often do you buy new Android phones?

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If you regularly follow the smartphone market, you've likely felt that urge to upgrade your phone to the very latest and greatest as soon as it comes out. New devices are being released all the time with upgraded features and specs, often making it hard to resist buying that flashy new device when it does launch.

This is something a lot of people that read AC can probably attest to, but recently, a few of our AC forum members got to talking about that urge winding down.

Here's how some of that conversation went:

Since my Samsung Galaxy Ultra pre-order was delayed in the Philippines and got back to Canada. I lost interest especially knowing I couldn't get the free Galaxy Buds+. It didn't help my carrier wanted a $500 down payment to add a second line since I got the iPhone 11 Pro Max a few months ago, which I recently sold. I missed not having a computer in general, so I bought the new 2020 MacBook...


For me if I have an inkling a device is going to exceed 1K (my limit) I'll barely take an interest in it, been doing that for several years now. Been toying with much lesser devices, cost/spec wise, and we're perfectly happy sitting where we are, saved bundles in doing so too. As for Samsung, haven't considered one of their flagships since owning the GS7 & Edge. Price was one of the main...


I've been cured, the newest iterations are just small marginal improvements over their predecessors. Back in the days around the Droid, or S3 improvements were exponential, now not so much. I'll keep my S10e for 3 years or until I break it. I kept my S7 for 3 years and didn't miss a beat until the abuse made it compromised. These forums are a case in point, they used to be buzzing and I mean...


I came to this enlightment a few years ago. I can't recall what exactly it was, but there was an epiphany that I didn't need to keep up with everything. I get a new device when needed, usually what may be the flagship for that year, and I hang on to it for as long as possible. I have a Pixel 3, and I am considering the possibility of the 4a to be it's potential replacement.


All of this got us to wondering — How often do you buy new Android phones?

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