How to kick and ban players in Among Us

Among Us Accusations
Among Us Accusations (Image credit: Innersloth)

Released in 2018, Among Us was an unknown game until it went viral this summer and has since become one of the most played games of 2020. What followed was tons of fan art, memes, as well as an outpour of support for the small developer, Innersloth. A social deduction game similar to board games like Mafia and Werewolf, Among Us has players complete tasks around the map, while the Imposters lurk among the crew, trying to kill them. Once a body is found, Crewmembers have to figure out who the imposter is. It's an exciting game of whodunit.

Like every popular game, of course, there are several people who play the game simply to troll other gamers who are trying to play legitimately. Whether it is an offensive name or message, griefing, or cheating, trolls can effectively ruin any game they're in. Thankfully, Among Us allows you to take care of those users very quickly. Here's how.

How to Kick or Ban players in Among Us

Among Us Kicking Players

Source: Android Central / Zackery Cuevas (Image credit: Source: Android Central / Zackery Cuevas)

While waiting for players to join your lobby, you'll be able to read their names and chat. If someone joins and they have an offensive name or are saying offensive insults in the chat, you can easily remove them from the game.

  1. Open the Text Chat by pressing the Text icon at the top-right screen.
  2. Just underneath that icon, you'll see a Boot button.
  3. Press it, and you'll be given the option to kick or ban any player in the lobby.

And that's how you get it done. You can also vote to kick someone out once the game starts as well. Just call an emergency meeting or wait until the discussion portion of the game and follow the same steps. Note that other players will have to vote to kick as well. This ensures that the host doesn't abuse the power too much.

Keep the trolls out

Among Us is a great party game that should be enjoyed by all. No trolls should get in the way of that. Whether you're playing on the PC, Android or iPhone, you're in for a very fun ride. Just watch your back and be careful who you trust.

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