Galaxy S6 Power Saving Mode

As we all know, the first few days of having a new device isn't the best time to measure battery life — you're using it a ton, learning all about it and pushing the battery to its limits. Folks have had their very own Galaxy S6 or S6 edge in their hands and pockets for well over a month now, and at this point battery life has probably settled down to a nice average number that we can rely on.

We want to hear how the Galaxy S6's battery life has held up now that you're using it like any other phone. Do you still have trouble making it through the day? Have you learned how to use quick charging and wireless chargers effectively to make it a non-issue? Or with tweaks in apps and usage has your Galaxy S6 turned into a phone you can rely on for long periods? We're curious to know what your experiences are.

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Samsung Galaxy S6



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