Archan Nair's winning entry

Congrats, Archan Nair, you just won the HTC One M8 Phunk Edition (number one) in our contest!

Last week, we asked you fine readers of AC to get to work on your own custom design for the HTC One M8, and after a slew of entries, we put our top ten up for the community vote. We closed the voting down and live on episode 200 of the Android Central podcast we picked the winner.

But you won't believe what happened.

We had a tie. An actual tie, with the exact same number of votes (15.1-percent for each) between two very nice entries.

After a coin flip, Archan Nair was declared the winner. And we have to say, it's a pretty stunning look. The other winning entry, from JohnnyAcks, was just as stunning. And don't worry Johnny — Phil has something special for you, too.

Anyhoo, congrats to both winners as well as the ten finalists who delivered some incredible looking designs.

JohnnyAcks winning entry

JohnnyAcks' winning entry