Moto 360 Steel

You'll be able to buy steel links later this year, at a bit of a premium

We've had a number of folks ask about the steel bands for the new Moto 360 — can't believe you couldn't find it in our mountain of overnight coverage — so here's the deal:

You can order your $249.99 Moto 360 today, and chances are you'll have it pretty quickly. But the steel bands won't be available until later this year. When they are, you'll be paying a little bit of a premium to get one — $79.99 will be headed from your wallet to Motorola. If you wait and order the steel band with the watch once the bands are available later this year, you'll be paying a little bit less of a premium — $299.99 total.

Yes, the Moto 360 bands are interchangeable, and Motorola says you should be able to use any 22mm strap. But Motorola did warn us that that because of the round shape of the watch, any old strap might not look as good. (The words "premium experience" might have been used once or twice.) Sort of the same situation with the Samsung Gear Live — it'll work, but perhaps not quite as nicely as if you use something designed for the watch.

So, again — $249 now for the watch and a leather strap, and $79 later once the steel bands are available. Or just wait and pay $299 altogether. Leather straps will be made available a la carte at that time, too, for $29 each.