Sharp UB and UH Series TV

Sharp display with the added features of Android TV packed inside

Now that Google has started shipping Android TV packaged in the Nexus Player it was only a matter of time before we started seeing companies releasing TV sets with the software on board. Sharp is one of these companies doing just that by showing off their UB and UH series which have have Android TV installed why at CES 2015.

All of Sharp's new televisions in the UB and UH series are Ultra High Definition sets that will come in a wide range of screen sizes. There is no information about what screen sizes will be available that run Android TV but we know that there will be a decent range of sizes available for purchase.

Also bundled with the new UB and UH series TVs will be a pretty standard TV remote with a mic for listening to voice searches and a touchpad that allows for easy navigation of the interface. The televisions will also work with all bluetooth gamepads so that you can use all of the Android TV functionality.

We were told that the Sharp UB and UH series televisions will come with 16GB of storage but we do not know how much storage will be available for the user after Android TV and Sharp's SmartCentral 4.0 software has been installed. No word yet on price for any of the screen sizes but these TV sets will begin shipping in 2015.