Have you given up on third-party launchers?

Smart launcher on a Pixel 3a
Smart launcher on a Pixel 3a (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

In the world of Android customization, one of the best ways to change the entire look and feel of your phone is with a third-party launcher. Whether it be Action Launcher, Nova Launcher, Smart Launcher, or anything else in between, these apps make it easy to give your home screen a complete makeover with more fine-tuned controls than you get out of the box.

Third-party launchers can be a ton of fun, but ever since Android shifted towards gesture-based navigation, launchers have suffered in the process. The experience tends to be jankier than in years past, some phones work better with third-party launchers than others, and it's all just kind of a mess.

Some of our AC forum members recently started talking about the state of launchers in 2020, saying:

Ever since gestures were baked into android the performance of 3rd party launchers has become less seamless and just a generally worse experience (IMO). I am mostly seeing it when navigating back to home where I often get a delay or extra animation and app switcher is also a little clunky. Don’t get me wrong it’s not terrible but it is enough to push me back to the stock launcher on my...


naw, users will always want the control launchers have over the stock.

me just saying

I stopped using launchers with the Pixel 2XL and there just aren't any features that I need that One UI doesn't have. They certainly add value if you like customization but just not for me.

Mike Dee

I gave up on them years ago when I realized my phones ran better using touchwiz.


What about you? Have you given up on third-party launchers?

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