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Hands-on with the HTC Droid Incredible 2

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What's a new phone without some new hands-on video, eh? And here we have our first hands-on with the Verizon HTC Droid Incredible 2. Sure, it's almost exactly like the Incredible S we saw at Mobile World Congress. But it's not the Incredible S. It's the Incredible 2. It has a number, not a letter. It's different.

Just like its older brother, the Incredible 2 feels pretty darn good in our hands. But there's a little lip between the screen and the case that was pretty pronounced. We don't get the sense that it's a manufacturing flaw or anything, it's just a little unexpected given that most everything these days is sleek and smooth. The battery cover is a soft plastic -- not quite soft-touch, but soft. And the thing is light at 4.8 ounces.

Anyhoo, check out the video for our initial hands-on, and hit up the links below for even more.

Droid Incredible 2 specs | Droid Incredible 2 forums | Droid Incredible 2 accessories

  • Someone tell me why I would want this as an upgrade to my original Dinc?? Am I missing something??
  • I was considering upgrading from my DInc, after seeing this I see absolutely no reason. Everything I liked about the DInc aesthetically is gone, and they've loaded it up with even more [unremovable] crapware, though we all know we'll just root and get rid of it anyway. The specs alone leave me mightily underwhelmed. The only possible upside I can even fathom is if they allow app storage on that 1GB internal memory, which from the sounds of it from the small 200MB increase in app storage is a 'no.' You can't use the 6GB on the DInc for apps, and until recently was never used by me, (I now use it as my Titanium Backup storage) so whats the point?
  • This sounds more like a downgrade phone
  • DInc 2...twice the Phil hate.
  • Wow this phone actually makes the Samsung Droid Charge look like a bargain.I guess that is "Incredible". This phone should be $150 w/contract...tops.Yes I miss the red accents as well. The FFC and bigger screen are nice,though. Does the DINC2 have SVDO like the Thunderbolt? I'm just looking for as many positives as possible.......
  • Is there any real difference between this and the Thunderbolt? O maybe I should ask if there's any reason to buy this over the fact, why even buy the thunderbolt?.....
  • Thunderbolt has 4G, which for most of us is useless right now since we don't get 4G. TBolt also has a larger internal memory. Personally, neither phones are satisfactory for me.
  • you are so Wrong! the Thunderbolt is one those phones that even new phones will never come close to beat it,a least in one more year, the thunderbolt is what the Incredible2 should be, guys you most have one in hand to talk about Thunderbolt. its the same case when the D Incredible pop up last year alot of people ignored the Dinc and they when with Samsung galx etc etc as result the Droid Incredible was the best phone 2010 period. still the phone with more support than anyone (after Nexus One) ever has received from the Dev community. The Thunderbolt is right now the preferred phone for the dev community, running GB7, Android 2.3, you will have to wait till next year to this to happen to your new phone. Droid Inc 2 will be a successful phone. my opinion.
  • I've used the TBolt and wasn't all that impressed.
    I do have to disagree with you on the Dinc being the 'best phones of the year,' that coming from a DInc user since it came out. Sure it may have been one of the more popular phones, but I would have much preferred a DX (even with the locked bootloader), heck I'd even have taken an Evo over the DInc.
    GB7? I'm guessing you meant CM7, which is fine and all. But CM7 doesn't fit my needs and isn't nearly as polished as a HTC gingerbread rom will ever be. (I have quite a few issues with CM7, particularly that it keeps killing my background audio apps while I'm using them.) I just personally don't see a reason for anyone to upgrade to the DI2 from a decent phone from the past year. Not to mention you can get the DInc for pretty much free with a contract, thats $200 less for a pretty much comparable phone.
  • DInc 2 is not 4G. But it is international, 255 countries I believe. Thunderbolt is a battery sucking 4G phone, but is not a international phone. If you get 4G in your area then you are blessed. The rest of the country can just wait it out. Now everybody quit dinging the DInc 2 and be more productive about something else. Geez....
  • I love my original Incredible. Love the style and the red accents.
    I want to like this phone. I don't like the Thunderbolt. Too many issues and they need to improve it for me to take it. I have a family member who has it and swears by it and then I have a friend who hates the beast. I am staying with my INC. The new one might get my attention but am not due for awhile. I liked what I saw but it is missing some things still. I don't like Samsung products or Motorola.
    So.........don't know !
  • Sounds like you guys want the Atrix on your carrier.
  • Only if it had LTE, because even when AT&T finally gets 4g, my Thunderbolt will still run circles around it. I'll be downloading entire albums in the time it takes you to download a song. I have no desire to waste my money on that POS laptop/keyboard dock. I played with my buddy's Atrix extensively to help me decide whether to buy the Thunderbolt or wait for the Bionic, and I was less than impressed and decided it certainly isn't worth waiting for. I'm glad I chose the Thunderbolt, because I have no clue what happened to the Bionic, and my buddy with the Atrix loves to use my Thunderbolt as a hotspot for his Atrix because it's so much faster. All he talks about is how fast my Thunderbolt is. You must live somewhere that doesn't get LTE, because if you've actually used the Thunderbolt under a strong LTE signal (like at my house in Miami), you would realize that your Atrix doesn't touch my Thunderbolt. Hell, it doesn't even see it. My Thunderbolt is crossing the finish line while your Atrix is just getting off the starting block. I would like an HDMI out, although I'd probably never end up using it.
  • phil can we get some benchmarks please? would love to see a comparison to my tbolt!
  • Just why the eff.....verizon.....are you taking all of htc sense hub, etc off htc phones? they better come in an update to my thunderbolt or i will root. Thats unfair, even the inspire on crapt$t has the hub.....yah, im a little angry.
  • Small increase in specs but still a nice device for current droid incredible owners. Much better than the Droid Charge that's for sure
  • The whole point of an HTC phone is Sense. To remove aspects of it defeats the purpose. 1GB for app storage is too small these days- especially with plenty of apps NOT supporting A2SD. Why isn't this an SLCD display? (or did I read that wrong?- Specs just say TFT on the spec page.)
  • It looks nice will probably performance much like all other 1ghz phones. It would have been nice to see the accents on this one. They are what make the original stand out and really who needs benchmarks. It's not a pissing contest. Just look at the specs and you can pretty much tell what they will be. So what hearts will be broken if this thing benches 50 points higher than the t-bolt. Don't be a douche benchmarks aren't necessary. It's a nice phone why ruin it by benching it and then saying it sucks cause it does the same thing other phones with similar specs do.
  • Phil, quick question (sorry if its been asked already). I have the incredible, original, and I love it. Pretty much everything about it besides that battery life. I like the fact that it has the optical track pad. So I guess what I want to know is, 1. Is battery life improved on the DInc 2, and 2. Do u miss the trackpad, especially when it comes to selecting text? Thanks!
  • You made sure to mention the bloatware provided by Verizon. If this is something that affects your decision in purchasing a Verizon phone, then get the iPhone which has NO bloatware. However, this has a bigger battery than the Tbolt, without the larger screen and LTE to drain it. So which is better? Turning off LTE to get some life out of your TBolt defeats any argument that LTE is better for now. Apparently, when LTE goes out you are stuck on 1x, not even 3G! You didn't even show or mention the rotating capacitive buttons. Dual-Core LTE doesn't exist on Verizon because it is not ready. I'll take this current-gen phone any day while people wait for the Bionic/Targa/Sensation/Evo3D. And when those come out, I'll take those, too. But for now, this phone should be at the top of your Verizon list.