We've just wrapped up at the Google "Breakfast" event here in San Francisco where they announced among other things the Chromecast. This little Chrome-powered dongle is here as a simple way to "cast" content from your phone, tablet or laptop to any TV with a simple tap. The dongle connects to any TV with a HDMI input and gets additional power through MicroUSB, with no further setup required -- all administration of content and settings is handled from the phone, tablet or laptop.

With updated versions of Youtube, Google Play, Netflix and other apps on the phone side, Chromecast will offer functionality nearly identical to what we saw with the Nexus Q. While you use your phone or tablet as a remote, the Chromecast pulls down content directly from the web, again like the Nexus Q. Out of the box we're looking at Google Play Music, Play Movies & TV, Netflix and Pandora support. Google has also announced an SDK preview to let more developers in on the action.

And here's the best part; Chromecast is just $35. Stick around after the break for some hands-on pictures of the Chromecast hardware and the device in action.