Halfbrick puts you in zombie hell with Age of Zombies [video]

Halfbrick, creator of the super popular Fruit Ninja, has released Age of Zombies on the Android Market today. The zombierific game puts you in the shoes of badass, Barry Steakfries. Our hero is on a mission to protect the Earth from Professor Brains who is plotting to destroy humanity with zombies. Armed with cheesy one-liners and tons of big guns, Steakfries reminds us of popular video game character, Duke Nukem.

“We’re happy to finally bring Barry to Android,” says Michael Dobele, Executive Producer. “Our fans have been following his time-travelling adventures online for a while, and we’re excited to release the full version of the game out to the greater Android market.”

Age of Zombies isn't new to mobile games, though. It's already been on iOS and PlayStation Minis for months already. In fact, Xperia Play owners have been killing zombies for a few weeks now. The zombie filled game was a timed exclusive on the Sony Ericsson device. The game is priced at $2.99 according to the press release, but a quick Market search lists the game for $3.16.

Hit the break to see some gameplay footage and Market link.

  • This is a fun game
  • Im gonna try it
  • Great game, but very short... beat it within a few hours. At least there is a survival mode. I hope they update it in the future.
  • i agree... it's way too short... especially for this price
  • $3.17? Your lunch will likely cost you anywhere from $5-$10, and that will give you maybe 15 minutes of enjoyment (and a few hours of satiety). I've played this game for 15 minutes now, and I'm still on level 2. The price seems fair. Plus, it's replayable. The same could (probably) not be said about lunch.
  • Reminds me of the arcade game robotron haven't actually played it though.
  • Maybe now they'll update fruit ninja to match the fruit ninja on iOS. Or then again, probably not.
  • This has been out for weeks now!! Such a fun game!!
  • I got it on the PSP a while ago, very fun!