Google's Music app updated, brings welcomed changes

Google released the first update to their new Music app today bringing it up to version 3.0.1.  In this rendition, the ability to delete songs stored on the SD card was added and it brought about some bug fixes as well.  Our tipster, Adam, is reporting that the new update has eliminated some force closes users were experiencing on some custom Gingerbread ROMs.

As you should know, this Music app is your portal to Music Beta by Google (opens in new tab).  If you haven't received your invite yet, keep holding your horses because Google is continuing to send out invites for their awesome new service.

Thanks, Adam!

  • I'm still torn between the Amazon Cloud and this especially after already loading most of my music into Amazon and editing out junk I don't want. Anyone else using both? Thoughts?
  • I'm in the same boat. I paid for 100GB at Amazon so they're both on a pretty even playing field. Google's interface is way better, but Amazon gives you "free" storage for any new mp3 album I buy from them (which is a lot). But then Google lets me shuffle all music, in the cloud and on my phone... I guess we'll see what Google ends up charging for their service after beta.
  • Hey Gilligan, you said you were in the same boat as me, so I was there first, get back to swabbing the decks.
  • I'm in the same boat as you. Google storage is much larger, but the ability to buy cheap mp3's on Amazon and have them stored for free is huge.
  • I said "boat" first so I'm the Captain. You can be the Commander.
  • I'm using both, but I only got my Google Music invite yesterday. I think there are "Pros" to each service, primarily: Amazon: Integrated with an MP3 store, with those MP3 purchases not counting toward your total space. It's nice to click, buy, etc. directly from my phone or from any computer. Google: Allows me to sync with my phone. I have a limited data connection, and I'm in the Midwest, so streaming-while-driving doesn't work so well. I like being able to "tag" songs to store on my phone, and have that updating done automatically when I'm on a Wifi connection.
  • I have my music on both. I actually prefer Google Music. A few things Google Music doesn't have that Amazon does is the ability download songs to your PC and doesn't list track numbers for albums or play lists.
  • I plan to set up a way to download my Amazon music to a Dropbox folder and have Google Music Manager watch that path on my home PC to upload any new music to Google. So if I do purchase a new album, I just download it manually (onto my phone, work computer, whatever) into Dropbox after it gets added to my Amazon Cloud Drive, then wait for Google Music Manager to see the new files in Dropbox at home, upload it to Google, then I can manually delete it from Dropbox. Now, if only there were a way to cut Dropbox out of the middle, I'd be all set.
  • Not quite sure if that is going to work, but let us know.
  • Why is drop box in the middle? Just yse the web version of the Amazon Cloud Player. It will download your purchase into any drive you want. They even offer a download manager that will do this automatically. Then point Google Music Manager at that directory. Am I missing a step here that requires Dropbox?
  • how do you delete songs on the sd from inside the app? i liked that feature on the stock music app.
  • Long press on the song -- choose delete.
  • one thing i think they should add is the ability to set song to ringtones, unless they have and i just can't figure it out, every other music player i've used on my evo allows this, how come not the new music service.
  • I got my invite yesterday. Inspire 4G, no Xoom. Apparently it's going to phone-only users now! And I have a buddy who got his yesterday, too. I've been uploading all day from work. I'm on an academic internet connection, and I've "only" uploaded 3,000 of my 8,000 songs. Oh well. Much faster than doing so at home with my DSL connection...
  • Check your Xoom tomorrow. Mine worked on my Xoom before my DX.
  • I started at 645 last night. I was at 248 of almost 2200 at 555 this morning when I left for work. Ugh
  • Anybody know if this is normal? When I installed the "new" Music app (3.0, now updated to 3.0.1), it didn't replace the "original" Music app (2.2.1). Instead, I now have both versions installed "side by side." The result is that I sometimes get the "Complete action using" dialog, asking me to select which Music app to use, even when I check the "Use by default for this action" option. I know I can mess around with deleting the "original" Music.apk file, but I'd like not to if I don't have to.
  • maybe try clearing the original music apps defaults.
  • I had same problem till I rebooted the phone.
  • What's strange to me is my version is 3.0.338
  • I'd love to be able to upload from the app.
  • amen
  • I got my invite today but the music manager wont upload any songs from my computer. Anyone know a fix?
  • Are you choosing the right directory for the music manager to pull the music from? I had no issues whatsoever.
  • I submited a bug against Googe Music months ago that the stupid upload manager to support Google Apps accounts and they still haven't fixed it. Are you a google apps user?
  • Does this work on rooted devices?
  • Yeah, it works on my rooted Droid X, why are you concerned that it wouldn't?
  • Cause the RIAA is concerned that people would rip music if their device was rooted, lol. that's like recording a concert and selling it like a CD... its going to sound terrible!
  • Based on the latest news regarding movies in the android market I wasn't entirely sure how they'd treat this. I figured it'd be fine since they aren't actually selling the music but was simply curious.
  • Google Music is a clear winner in my book for one sole reason: They support WMA (unlike amazon). Being a former ZUNE owner (let the mocking begin) a lot of my music was ripped into wma format. . . needless to say I was supper bummed with I found out that amazon is treating the format like a bastard child of music formats.
  • Stupid question since I haven't got my invite yet... Does that magic 20k number remain the same if I upload high quality (320 bit rate mp3)files or lossless formats? I know this is all beta but it would be good to know before I invest the time in uploading (that is when I get my invite)...
  • From what I have read, the bitrate of the song doesn't matter. You get to upload up to 20K tracks no matter what size. Just be prepared for it to take even longer than normal for it to upload your library.
  • So I love the concept of cloud based music, yet neither Amazon or Google have made a comprehensive player. I understand that Gingerbread offers an EQ so I wont complain about that but a lock screen widget is a prerequisite to any player used daily. Also enabling upload from the device seems like a basic feature that shouldn't have been overlooked. I will continue to use PowerAMP until such features are added. I guess I can't take my data cable out of my bag yet...
  • I want a proper lockscreen control too, but until we do, I have gotten around it by putting the app widget on top of Widgetlocker (which I already had anyway). Problem solved
  • Google for me. Amazon didn't recognize about 1/3 of my music. Google recognized it all.
  • ^THIS! Amazon's song recognition is HORRIBLE! Google is the clear winner for me HANDS DOWN.
  • Oh, and the fact Amazon will sell you out to the RIAA anytime. Really, I actually took the time to read the ToU on both sites, and Google's is MUCH, MUCH more friendlier, not to metion your issue, and the fact you can actually cache music locallly (Hello, who wants to rely on a data connection all the time, that's often capped?)
  • Does the new Music Player have lock screen controls yet?
  • While I use both Google Music and Amazon Cloud...I still go back to Audio Galaxy. Audio Galaxy streams you current songs right from your PC, no uploading. Only down side is you have to have your PC on for it to work. Plus I have purchased songs from Amazon lately and they show up in my playlist/collection. But no uploading, no space restrictions, works on 3G and WiFi...can't beat that.
  • until your computer randomly shuts off itself or restarts itself and you are SOL.
  • true but I haven't had that happen yet...knock on wood!
  • I was using Audio Galaxy exclusively until Amazon came out. Then I was back and forth between the two. I've had Google Music for a few days now. I like it quite a bit better than Amazon. The music recognition is much better on Google Music than Amazon. I also like that Google Music recognizes .wmv files and that I can upload 20K songs regardless of the format. I imagine their pricing won't be out of line with their current pricing for extra storage space. I pay $5.00 per year to have 20Gig of Picasa or Docs space. I'll pay another $5.00 for additional music space if needed. If Google is way out of whack with their pricing, then I'll revert back to Amazon.
  • Google Music has a nice interface, a more seamless sync service (almost pointless without a store imo), and it's free (for now at least), that's about all it's got going for it tho. Amazon works in more places right now and I already use it to buy singles (i still like to buy full albums on physical media and rip them myself, for my favorite bands/singers at least). Plus with an 18GB Dropbox account and Titanium Media Sync you can accomplish the same effect as Google Music on your existing media collection (or better, always free/more control, tho less user friendly), and Amazon will probably improve it's own app with time. I've got the free 20GB from Amazon right now, about all I need for my core collection of music. If they've made improvements on the cloud app by this time next year I'll pay the $20 or whatever to retain the storage space. Otherwise I'll look into alternatives, but the store tie-in is a huge convenience. Most of my music on the phone is static, I guess the seamless wireless sync just doesn't seem as valuable to me as others. My music is already organized, I buy a song on Amazon and it's on their cloud... I can sync it immediately to my PC via dropbox or re-download it there later (or gasp, hook up the phone and press one button). I buy a CD and I get home, rip it, and I transfer it to my phone over the network when I notice it's done (from the phone itself, music folder is shared). It's already simple, without a store GM just adds complexity, for my use at least.
  • Last I checked their player was stream-only. Google Music lets you mark an album for offline use, so it will store it on your phone - so you can store your favorite albums to always have to play. Amazon didn't have that and that really pissed me off - who wants to stream everything in the day when storage is cheap as shit and dataplans are capped and coverage is spotty? It looks like you use Dropbox to coverup the problems.
  • I have a Music beta account, but the Market greys out my phone, citing incompatibility. Rooted HTC Hero Aosp 2.3.4. Anybody have an apk or better luck?
  • Without an mp3 store to generate sales, does Google plan to make its money solely on selling storage?
  • I'm sure they will have their own music store in the Market soon. They recently introduced their movie store, and their book store before that.
  • Just got my invite today, music is uploading right now... really slow upload, and the uploader program kind of sucks. It eats up a huge amount of CPU and didn't upload for like an hour once.
    For the app, it's practically the same as the offline version of it (without the google music cloud).
    I REALLY wish you could show only online music. Since I like to have my music on my 8GB SD, I still want to be able to see my music in the cloud, and listen to the offline versions if I have them locally.
    But no. You only get online versions AND local, or just Local.
    Let me see only what's online, I hate seeing all these duplicate albums!
  • I have a stock EVO 4G. Is there any way to get the Google music player to replace the HTC one? Can I just install the Google one and set it as default?
  • Holy crap, I got an invite earlier today and didn't notice until now! xD
  • Do any of the Android music apps support gapless playback? That and EchoFon are about the only thing I miss about my iPhone. That split second pause between tracks that flow into the next one is frustrating.
  • when I'm listening to my google music on my phone and put it on shuffle, instead it just play the same song over n over...but i can hit next n it goes random until the song ends, then it starts over. any ideas?
  • Why not just use them both? That will give you an opportunity to compare them over an extended period, and if you eventually decide to use one or the other, just stop using or cancel the other. I can't see any downside to that, unless you just don't want to spend the time to upload or organize the data. You could just upload a subset of your music for a trial. That's what I plan to do, as soon as I get a reply from Google to my request.
  • That's great! Let me go check out the changes...oh wait. No invite yet. *Goes back to Amazon and gives Google the finger*
  • does anyone know why the app is not available for the original mytouch 3g with the 3.5 mm headphone jack in the android market? i have to manually download/install it from a different website and when i updated the app to 3.0.1 and i press menu, there is no settings option.. also today i got my invite finally requested from google so is that why on the music app the settings option is gone when pressing the menu button? someone please do reply and thank you
  • Seriously, Does this update give us lockscreen controls yet?
  • Does this not work on rooted devices? I don't see any songs from my Google account in the app, and I definitely have the app connected to my Google account.
  • I got my invite yesterday, and have begin the slow, arduous uploading process. Already I'm a bit dismayed that there is no way for me to delete items from my library, especially music suggestions that they added that are in no way something I'd want to have cluttering up my player. Droid X, stock w/ GB .588
  • You can delete albums you upload, just click on the album and to the right of it is an arrow to edit, delete, etc...
  • You're absolutely's just a bit too subtle to notice to a newbie like myself. Thanks!
  • You're absolutely's just a bit too subtle to notice to a newbie like myself. Thanks!
  • You're absolutely's just a bit too subtle to notice to a newbie like myself. Thanks!
  • I thought google did a great job with google music expect they forgot to add ringtone from your mp3 like old music player from android. I have good experience on my motorola droid running gingerbread 1.4ghz.
  • At least they have already fixed some bugs! I uninstalled it yesterday because it would force close on me and other issues.... PLUS, I still am waiting for my invite. Guess I will try it and again and hopefully get the invite....
    Waiting stinks!
  • Do you still need an invite if you have the pre-installed application on the Nexus S 4G?
  • ok i know this is late. but with the old version you could easily save songs *mp3s* as ringtones where did that go?