Earlier this week Google confirmed two small acquisitions — Directr and Emu. Both of them should help push the company's mobile and advertising agenda forward.

Let's start with Directr, a movie-making app that is being absorbed into YouTube. If you take a look at the company's website you'll see a nice video walkthrough that shows the awesomeness of this app. Video is super important in advertising these days, and the capabilities of built-in cameras on phones these days is impressive. Directr is aimed at small-business owners who might know a lot about their business ... but not so much when it comes to making video. It gives you almost an paint-by-numbers approach to making video.

I think we're still in the early days of video advertising, and YouTube is the clear leader. It's in Google's best interest to give new potential advertisers the tools required to make engaging, interesting videos, upload them to YouTube and bid for clicks. This is why you can't buy a subscription to Directr anymore. Instead there is a big sign slapped across the page that advertises the different plans saying "Directr will soon be FREE. Stay tuned!"

Personally, I think mobile video ads will be huge, and Google is at the cutting edge.