Google's bringing free, high-speed Wi-Fi to 60+ locations across Mexico

After launching first in India and Indonesia, Google is now bringing its Google Station program to Mexico.

Google Station launched back in 2015, and its goal is to offer people Internet access that's fast, free, and reliable. Google says it'll first be rolling out its Station hotspots across 60 different venues in Mexico, including malls, airports, and public transit stations, but it hopes to expand this to over 100 locations by the end of 2018.

Stations will be available both in Mexico City and across the rest of the country, and Google's partnering with local Wi-Fi provider Sitwifi to make this possible.

Although data plans for cell phone service are more affordable than ever in Mexico, Google says "access to information is still a challenge for many" in Mexico. Considering that Mexico is the third-highest Internet-dependent country in all of Latin America, this is big news.

Per Google's announcement post:

Mexico is the first country in Latin America to launch Google Station, and the third country globally, after India and Indonesia. Google Station can be found in Mexico City and 44 more cities in the country, so if you're near one of the locations, go watch a high-quality video (or maybe save some YouTube offline for later)!

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Joe Maring

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  • It's not free if they're getting user information and sending ads
  • I'm fine with my apartment being one of these locations. Just have to find my way around the user data issue.
  • The only problem is that Google broke my Pixel 2 wifi with Feb update
  • How so?
  • That's an option for them, meanwhile there's still no high-speed internet in Birchwood, TN. 1/16th of a mile from a major highway. Hopefully 5G will bring truly unlimited data to this area because $200 a month for 15gb of low speed data is just a reminder that small communities are irrelevant to big business.
  • When their only focus is feeding investors, there is little reason to light up a community with maybe 200 customers when it cost 10s or even 100s of thousand dollars to do so. I work for a wireless ISP and we take advantage of their gaps. It isn't the fastest internet service or even the most reliable but we try.
  • I, for one, am glad you do. Keep it up.
  • Screw Wi-Fi in Mexico, when are they putting up the damn wall we promised ay?