Google expected to spend $500 million marketing the Moto X in US and Europe

We may not have many details on the handset itself, but rumor has it that Google is ready to put $500 million behind marketing the upcoming Moto X. According to sources of The Wall Street Journal, Motorola has the go-ahead from Google to spend several hundred million dollars promoting the new handset both in the U.S and Europe. Sources say that it will also be priced competitively to current high-end handsets -- $199 on-contract and $599 off-contract -- and will make its way to all four major carriers this Fall.

Not much new about the Moto X is being revealed at this point that was not already known, but the WSJ claims that Motorola has succeeded in seriously reducing the amount of pre-installed bloatware on the device across carriers, which is a huge plus if it turns out to be the case. Sources indicate that morale at Google is high about the potential success of the Moto X, and we're certain that those of us in the Android crowd are looking forward to the launch of the device as well.

Source: WSJ

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • I'm interested since I now have an iPhone 5 to sell and can assuredly use the money from it to get another phone. But I'm not liking that all other flagships besides the HTC One don't have front facing, or at least bottom facing, stereo speakers. And it's looking like this will be another phone with a weak single speaker on the back. It's strange, but BoomSound really has changed what I'm looking for in my upcoming phones.
  • Agreed. Front facing speakers truly do sound better. Thank you htc for getting that right. Posted via Android Central App
  • But who listens to music their phone without earphones/buds? And how often?
  • I do everyday in my office Posted via
  • Practically everyone I've seen with an iPhone. I have no idea what's up with that.
  • My wife fears Brain Cancer, so she does all her calls on speaker.
    She would love a One.
  • Haha. Your wife fears brain cancer. I hope she never used a home phone. You're wife is a moron. Posted via Android Central App
  • You must really feel safe and secure in being anonymous behind a computer screen. To call a mans wife a moron screams an individual with no class and no heart.
  • for your information..the 0ther guy is also anonymous...
  • Maybe learn grammar before calling people morons?
  • Really that is all you have? You sir or ma'am are nothing but a troll.
  • People who are obnoxious. That's who.
  • I rarely listen to music without headphones, but I do watch videos fairly frequently. I also use speakerphone every day for work.
  • I make all the calls in my office on speaker. I listen to my One doing yard work and in the shower. I can even listen in my car when I don't have it hooked up to my stereo. You're short-sighted and about 10% as smart as you think you are. Posted via Android Central App
  • Guys, look, you don't need front speakers to listen to speaker phones, or play music. Watching videos or video calls on the phone is about the only valid situation where front facing speakers provide any value. Even then, front facing speakers may interfere with front facing mic making voice calls work less well. But most phones don't have them, and they seem to work quite well. My only point was that the lack of front facing speakers probably doesn't warrant being a dealbreaker when choosing a phone.
  • Don't knock it until you get a chance to hear it. The Chromebook Pixel does not have any visible speakers and yet sounds wonderful.
  • did anyone else see the pics of LG G2 w/ bottom speakers and head phone jack? at least the pics look like it was from underneath. am i tripping or did someone else see that?
  • It sounds hard just to make that amount and they're willing to spend that on advertisement? Posted from my Nexus 4 via Android Central App
  • Yeah Google is banking hard on this phone customization thing I guess. Only thing I really want to know is if a version will be sold on Google Play and have software updates similar to HTC and Samsung with their phones if they go that route.
  • Just adding it to sites should be plenty
  • They did that for all of the Nexus devices from the GNex on, and of those, only the Nexus 7 has been an very big seller.
  • Just need solid specs and an unlockable bootloader... Posted via
  • If it doesn't have an unlockable bootloader I'm not interested.
  • About time Motorola.
  • Good. If they want the masses to buy the phone, the masses are going to have to know about the phone. Posted via Android Central App
  • $599? Well, there goes one rumour....
  • If the Google boys are excited about it, I'm probably on board, since I'll be ready for a new phone about then.
  • Surprise Us..
    And have the Snapdragon 800 SoC on board.. along with 4.3 out of the box and a Serious Battery on board.. You'll catch some sales if you can pull that off..
  • Some sales. Most people won't care about anything you've listed though. Posted via Android Central App
  • for the battery. Posted via Android Central App
  • While I can't disagree with you on the average consumer, I for one am seriously hoping for Snapdragon 800!
  • The $599 price could be a carrier requirement in order to make the $199 price seem like a deal. The nexus 4 on tmo was also $599 off contract yet it you buy it directly from Google it's $299
  • Must be mis-remembering this one. The Nexus 4 was never $599 off-contract on T-Mobile. It was about ~$475.
  • No, he's right. Around the time that the Nexus 4 was still out of stock from Google, T-Mobile was selling it for full retail.
  • Previous Motorola phones have been a bit of a disappointment for me. Let's hope this one delivers. More competition is better! Posted via Android Central App
  • This thing better not cost $600. Wtf no one will pay for that! Looks like the nexus line doesn't have competition after all. Posted via Android Central App
  • As noted below, this isn't nor was it intended as a nexus but a full on commercial product. $600 isn't out of line if it comes with top end specs. Posted via
  • They've already stated this will be a midrange device. This all of a sudden has fail written all over it. Posted via Android Central App
  • Maybe it's not? Nothing's confirmed yet.
  • This isn't a Nexus. It's a full commercial product for Motorola, with a full commercial price. It wont be Google subsidised. Will it be worth $599? Well, we shall see.
    This is Moto shining or sinking. It's gonna be very interesting, both the phones technical merits and how it goes in the market.
  • Google and LG have said they don't subsidize the nexus. I doubt they make that much profit, but they aren't loosing any money. It just goes to show you how inflated the current MSRPs of smartphones are.
  • THIS FALL? What happened to "later this summer"? I know there was no true release date yet, but where did the "later this summer" rumor even start if it's now "this fall"?
  • Since the hiring process won't even be finished until late August, rolling the phones out in October or even early November sounds about right.
  • The hiring process may not be complete until then, but they are already assembling the devices on at least one line, and will ramp up to more lines as they bring more people on. The first devices, whatever those are, will likely start in late summer, with more being added later on.
  • I have a Nexus 4 and at this point the only thing that would make me change this early would be some really, really cool software that somehow makes this phone different/better than any phone on the market. I don't think any hardware can make me buy this phone lol. Not even a snapdragon 800 cpu since it'll probably be on the next Nexus Phone anyway (maybe something even better).
  • I really want to vote with my wallet on this product and support manufacturing done in the USA, but I think the Nexus line's pricing is too competitive to get anything else. Also, software development and support is infinitely better for Nexus devices.
  • We hear a lot about Moto X and it started to look almost like the 'concept smartphone' from www. smartphonestory .com ??? However battery works 2 months over there :)
  • I must be the only person on this planet who refuses
    to buy Android smartphones without MicroSDXC card slots.
  • Your not but I will jump to the other side when 32/64gb becomes the norm for internal space. Not 8/16 Posted via
  • I was looking forward to it, then the midrange specs came out... now they are going to charge $599 for a phone with specs from 2011/2012? C'mon... Posted via Android Central App
  • Sounds like a lot of hype for the Photon 3.
  • Yep! And no thank you.
  • I'd rather see them hand out a million handsets. Now wouldn't that be marketing.
  • Excellent point. Posted via Android Central App
  • This or a Note 3? Posted via Android Central App
  • That actually not very much when you have to spread the marketing between two continents. Hopefully it'll be enough though so someone other than Samsung will become a popular Android choice. Side note: HTC is not popular. If they were they would not be hemorrhaging money.
  • I'm not holding my breath. If the rumoured photos are accurate, this phone won't be a looker and if the rumours are true, specs will strictly be middle of the pack.
  • Motorola is still Motorola, IT SUCKS. I will never buy Motorola. My droid x was a piece of chit and a nightmare phone. I had 3 replacements until i gave up. STAY AWAY FROM MOTOROLA!!