Google Santa tracker makes sure you don't miss Santa's real-time location

Google Santa Tracker
Google Santa Tracker (Image credit: Google)

What you need to know

  • Google has started tracking Santa Claus' route around the world.
  • The Google Santa tracker shows a mask-donning Santa as COVID-19 remains a threat.
  • Google's machine learning-powered feature, Blob Opera, also returns to let you create your own Christmas song.

Santa Claus' sleigh has lifted off from the North Pole as he begins his annual journey of bringing toys to millions of children around the world, and Google's Santa tracker is now live so you can keep up with Father Christmas' whereabouts in real time.

On Christmas Eve, Google announced that Santa and his reindeer have begun their flight to deliver gifts to kids across different countries, assuming they'd been good this year. Santa is seen wearing a mask, as he did last year, to help combat the spread of COVID-19.

The Google Santa tracker was launched in 2004 and has never stopped tracking Father Christmas' global flight during the most wonderful time of the year. It displays how far Santa has traveled and how many gifts he has delivered thus far. As of now, the jolly gift-giver has traveled over 329 kilometers and counting, delivering over 7 billion gifts.

In addition to the Santa tracker, Google's website includes other fun Christmas-themed features like a Santa selfie studio where you can customize Santa's appearance, an Elf Maker, and other creative activities. You can follow Santa's flight path through this site using a web browser on your Android phones or laptops.

Along with the Santa tracker, Google has another Christmas treat for everyone. The Blob Opera returns with a few selection of Christmas songs that you can create on your own. The songs include Christmas classics such as Jingle Bells, Silent Night, and Joy to the World. You can use the blobs to add a festive feel to these songs, just like before.

This machine learning-powered project uses cutting-edge web audio technology and allows you to play four different voices. You can even select a city from the list to serve as the quartet's background location.

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