Since introducing the Family section to the Google Play Store to help parents and their young users find kid-friendly content, Google has made one of the curated apps featured there free as their App of the Week. These discounted apps can go a long way towards keeping your little one entertained without hurting your wallet or without intrusive ads disrupting playtime.

Unlike free app promotions from the Amazon app store, in order to get the App of the Week free from Google, you cannot simply search for it, as the search result will show you a full-price app. You have to find and click the App of the Week banner in the Family section of Google Play, or click a direct link containing the App of the Week's promo code.

Most of the Apps of the Week so far have been aimed at toddlers and younger kids, but considering the age range in the Family section, there's no reason why an app for slightly bigger kids couldn't show up here one week. The new App of the Week is selected each Thursday, just in time for some weekend playtime, so check back to see what goodies Google has discounted!