Google Play can now allow users to pre-register for upcoming app releases

If you have ever wanted to get an alert about when an Android app is being released in the Google Play Store, app developers now have the option to let you pre-register before apps are launched. This new feature was spotted being used by publisher Glu Media for the upcoming movie-based third person shooter Terminator Genisys: Revolution.

Terminator registration

The game is already listed in the Google Play Store, and users can click on the "Pre-register" option so they can get an alert when Terminator Genisys: Revolution goes live. Users also have the option to unregister the app just in case they lose interest.

This kind of setup could help both consumers and app publishers. Users don't have to worry about missing out on when new apps are being launched, while publishers can get an idea of how much interest their apps have before they are released.

Thanks to Marc Klein for the tip!

John Callaham