Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen refiles suit against Google, others

Google is no stranger to lawsuits, and they will have yet another on their hands it appears. Paul Allen, the Co-Founder (and least spoken about) of Microsoft filed an amended lawsuit against Google, and 10 other companies including Apple, Yahoo and Facebook, for allegedly infringing on patents involving how notifications are delivered to the end-user.

The lawsuit --which was thrown out last week before being refiled -- specifically targets Android and how it handles notifications such as text messages and instant messages. Paul Allen allegedly owns patents that allow for "unobtrusive on-screen alerts," which is arguably what Android provides by way of the notification bar. We won't be surprised if this turns into another long drawn-out legal dispute that eventually gets settled out of court, or dropped completely. Will this affect how Android delivers notifications in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments! [via PCMag]

Chris Kerrigan